Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning for Businesses

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Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning Solutions

The comfort of your business is largely determined by your heating solution. Rob Mason Group are the region’s Authorised Dealers of Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Systems. A heat pump can heat your business better and for less money than some other heating options.

Daikin No.1 Customer Satisfaction

A comfortable environment for your people to work in produces better bottom line results (and it makes you a good bugger).

  • Authorised Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric Dealers
  • Ducted Systems for consistent temperature control over large (or small) areas.
  • Multi Room Systems for individual comfort. No more of “it’s too hot…it’s too cold”
  • Wall mounted systems
  • Floor mounted systems
  • Ceiling cassettes systems
  • Accredited Heat Pump Installers
  • Registered Master Electricians
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