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Penjerex Window Insulation Film

We provide new technology Penjerex window insulation film for residential and commercial building applications to dramatically lower heating and cooling energy use and increase occupant thermal comfort at a lower cost than other options.

Enjoy your views without losing your aesthetics.

Because it’s virtually undetectable from your normal single paned windows you can pick the problem areas to treat and simply upgrade your windows in the hot and cold spots. This means you can keep your window aesthetics compatible with your home while providing an affordable alternative to double glazing.

Your single pane windows will be a major gap in your homes thermal envelope and could be undermining your whole internal heating and cooling system.

If you have wanted to improve your window insulation and thought “double glazing is off the menu – we just can’t afford it” then PENJEREX™ is a great alternative.

Because it’s an internal film it is easy to install and it won’t affect the look (or weight bearing) of your window frames.

Penjerex Window Insulation Film reduces rate of internal heat loss through windows by 44% & reduces up to 25% of solar heat gain in summer. Penjerex Window Insulation Film blocks 99% of harmful UV. It is virtually transparent with low impact on day lighting. It has less internal reflection than glass & improves window breaking tolerance (prevents glass shattering ) Easy internal installation process & comes with a 10 year standard replacement warranty.

Penjerex Window Insulation Film is manufactured by a trusted international manufacturer with more than 95 years of history in high technology industrial tapes and films.

How it works

The innovative PENJEREX™ window film is applied to the inside surface of the window pane and becomes virtually invisible once installed.

PENJEREX™ insulates window panes by reducing internal heat loss by reflecting infrared heat energy back into the building and partially blocks solar heat energy from outside resulting in improved year round thermal comfort.

It also blocks 99% of damaging UV radiation to protect your furnishings, wall and floor coverings.

PENJEREX™ is more cost effective than double glazing and partnered with good roof and floor insulation can transform your home into a comfortable all year round environment.

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