About Rob Mason

Our History

In 1983 Rob Mason started his own business (Rob Mason Electrical Group) providing Electrical products and services to the people of Taranaki.

He started off as a sole operator and a small business and after a number of successful years and the changing needs of homes he recognised the need to diversify and offer his customers “whole home” services. He expanded the business to encompass the changing technologies becoming available in new homes and businesses and is extremely proud of what he now provides the people of Taranaki.

Rob Mason Electrical Group now provides Electrical, Security & Monitoring, Central Vacuum, Home Automation, Audio & TV, Genuine HRV & Ventilation, Solar (Free) Electricity, Home Appliances, Total Home Heating, Heat Pumps, and Air Conditioning to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

It is now a truly “One Stop Shop”.

Rob, as Managing Director, now employs staff in a variety of specialist fields. Rob Mason Electrical Group has built an excellent reputation and is synonymous with trust, excellence and professionalism.

Why We Are Right for You

A great advantage of using Rob Mason Electrical Group is that you are able to coordinate your important services from a “One Stop Shop”, while still getting the expert skills and familiarity with products that comes from being specialised. Your installations are guaranteed to run smoothly and cost effectively because of this.

When you build a new home or are completing a project on your property things need to be done professionally, economically and in a timely manner. Contact us direct to talk over your plans and let us show you what we can build together.

We are confident you will find Rob Mason Electrical Group the most reliable, professional company for your home, commercial or industrial needs.