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Rob Mason Electrical Groups Audio Visual department specialises in providing a range of audio visual products and services designed around a client’s specific requirements.

We understand that each customer’s project is unique and we pride ourselves on providing a tailored package, however large or small, to ensure maximum satisfaction is delivered.

We understand that audio visual products are the shiny, flashy, whizzy products that customers both want and need in their homes and business. The products that we specify for a particular project will always be best of brand and will be sourced to match the requirement regardless of how custom or complex this may be.

We know that no budget is infinite and we will always provide realistic solutions that still adhere to our best of brand ethos; we wouldn’t put cheap, unreliable products in our own business and homes and similarly don’t expect you to.

Our product specialities are wide ranging

We will always be happy to explore a requirement regardless of how wacky and bespoke you may initially think it is. We are always reviewing the technology market and new and exciting products are continually being developed and unearthed.

Audio Visual Services

  • Multi Room Audio
  • Calibrated Surround Sound
  • Wireless Technology
  • Home Hubs for structured cabling
  • Full Installation of Freeview
  • Internal and Exterior Speakers
  • External Hard Drive Media Libraries
  • LCD Touch Screen Controllers
  • Radio Frequency Wireless Controllers
  • iPad, iPhone & Android Application Products
  • Broadband Routers & Internet Connections
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