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The comfort of your home is largely determined by your heating & cooling solution. We offer solutions to your heating & cooling needs and provide a healthy, warm and comforting environment for all that Mother Nature can throw at us. A healthy home environment goes a long way to reduce the chance of all those season changing ills, chills & allergies.

Rob Mason Electrical Group are Taranaki’s Authorised Dealers of Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Systems. We can provide sales, installation, service and maintenance for heat pumps and air conditioning units for both residential and commercial markets throughout Taranaki.

A heat pump can heat your home better and for less money than other heating options. To get the most out of a heat pump, it's really important to choose the right one and use it properly - here's how.

Choose the most efficient

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While heat pumps are the most efficient way of using electricity to heat your home, some are more efficient than others. So while some brands may be cheaper to purchase, the running costs are not. An energy efficient brand will soon pay off the additional up front cost.

The ENERGY STAR® mark is only awarded to the most efficient heat pumps on the market (for both heating and cooling modes). Choosing an ENERGY STAR® heat pump could save you $150 a year on running costs, compared to a non-qualified model. 

Better performance when the outside temperature drops

Some heat pumps struggle to keep up between 5 and 0°C, when they are more prone to icing up. That's why ENERGY STAR now includes a requirement that's designed to ensure a correctly sized ENERGY STAR heat pump will perform efficiently in this temperature range.

So for some of our customers living around the mountain in a cooler climate, you need to be assured the heat pump you're looking at meets your specifications.

Checklist for choosing a heat pump

As well as choosing an efficient model, here's some other important things to think about:


Choosing a Mitsubishi Electric or Daikin Heat Pump, both quality brands, from Rob Mason Group, a reputable supplier, you can be assured that you are receiving top of the line advice, products and installation.


We will make sure it's sized correctly for the room you want to heat / cool - if it's too small, it will have to work harder and cost you more to run.


 As the temperature drops, so does the performance of many heat pumps. If you live in a cold area, we will make sure the unit is sized using the manufacturer's information on how much heat it can deliver at the average outdoor winter temperature of the area in which you live.

A good quality unit, sized and installed correctly, should perform effectively down to minus 15°C. 


For example, in many coastal Taranaki areas your heat pump needs to have suitable protection against corrosion - ask us about environmental considerations in your area.


Good installation is fundamental to how well a heat pump performs - by choosing us you are guaranteed an experienced installer.

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