HRV & Ventilation & Heat Transfer

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Rob Mason Group offers a range of ventilation and air movement systems which are custom designed to give you the best solution.

All of our Home Ventilation Systems improve the air quality within your home, either by heating or cooling, ventilating, dehumidifying, transferring heat, filtering air, or a combination of all or some of these functions.

Damp homes are not good for you or your family's health. If you are suffering “crying” windows or you are constantly battling mould and mildew, and then your home is in need of a ventilation system.


Our range of systems includes:

Positive Pressure

This system takes warmer air from the ceiling space and pushes it through the house. This raises the air pressure in the house slightly which pushes out the moist air which causes dampness and condensation.

Moisture in the home is created in many ways, damp winter air, breathing, cooking, showering, clothes drying and many more.

Heat Transfer

Often you warm the room you spend most time in and the rest of the house can be cold or damp. It is also often the case that the room with the heat source such as a fire can get too hot.

Distribute the warmth in your house to other rooms, especially bedrooms and hallways.

Our Air Conditioning and Electrical team can tailor make EFFECTIVE heat transfer systems for your home.

Yes, you can buy boxed heat transfer kits from the hardware store but with low quality fans and ducting and unskilled installation you will probably not be that happy with the overall performance.

Our custom heat transfer systems are not much more than the cost of hardware store bought units, but you will see a big difference in performance. By using a more powerful fan and correct sizing and type of ducting, grille selection and room air controls; we can guarantee excellent heat transfer from your wood burner. 

Combination/Hybrid System

Positive Pressure, Heat Transfer and an option for Fresh Summer Air.

This system takes warmer air from the ceiling space and pushes it through the house which raises the air pressure in the house slightly while pushing out moist air which causes dampness and condensation.

When you have a heat source operating in the home, a valve allows the system to double as a heat transfer system to distribute that heat through your home.

This system gives you the power of positive pressure to reduce dampness and use the free solar generated heat from your roof space.

We can also connect fresh air to the system with additional switches to bring in filtered summer evening air. This can naturally cool down rooms in summer without mozzies and bugs entering by having to leave windows open. 


A true HRV is a controlled ventilation system that reduces high humidity, pollutants and odours by replacing stale air with fresh warm air. It also provides for energy recovery savings in winter by warming the cold fresh air to an acceptable level but also providing the same excellent energy efficiency in summer. An HRV can “strip” heat from outgoing air and recover up to 5 times more energy than it costs to operate. This level of efficiency is unmatched by any other domestic appliance.

Unlike other condensation control devices, HRVs perform best, when conditions are at their worst. Sunshine, a warm roof space or heating elements, are unnecessary. HRVs ventilate, 24 hours a day, every day.

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